Surface coating technology is an important part of the aviation supply chain. Our coatings extend component life, act as a thermal barrier to reduce material operating temperatures and improve efficiency, dry film lubrication as well as to provide protection against corrosion and abrasion.

To provide abrasion and corrosion protection to agricultural machinery, dry film lubrication, for use in abrasion protection and extending component life span.

Wear and anti-corrosion coatings to extend lifespan and improve component aesthetics such as, Connecting rods, Fasteners, Fuel filters, Head Gaskets, Injector-pump cam rings, Nozzles, Piston skirts

Providing corrosion, abrasion protection and dry film lubrication in harsh operating conditions the uses of this coating is nearly limitless, shafts, bushes, bearings, pistons, pumps, lifting equipment.

Critical for use in the defense sector, providing dry film lubrication and wear resistance in extreme environments to enhance service life and critical reliability.
Resin-bonded PTFE, thermoset, dry-film lubricant, primarily used on studs and bolts to prevent corrosion and facilitate make-up torque. Because of its predictable, low-friction properties, less “make-up” torque is required to produce the specified tension. The low-friction properties also reduce “break-out” torque, which allows removal of bolting with a wrench instead of a blowtorch. 

Quick release coatings specifically designed for bake wear with scratch and abrasion resistance for non-stick applications in the food industry, for moulds, rollers, conveyers, hoppers, chutes etc

Costal conditions present unique demands on components and coatings, our range of coatings protect and extend the service life of your equipment by providing a barrier to prevent corrosion and wear resistance.

The mining industry is complex, it requires reliable equipment that can perform in extreme conditions, dry film coatings help protect and prevent failure by providing a barrier to extend service life and reduce operational costs through reduced maintenance and breakdowns. 

Resin-bonded, thermoset, dry-film lubricant, formulated for high contact pressure, low-speed wear applications and provides long-term lubrication for bearing surfaces subjected to extreme pressures in harsh chemical environments. We work with a number of Oil and Gas companies to help extend the service life and reduce costs of equipment through corrosion and wear protection, such as Blow Out Preventers, Christmas trees, values and subsea marine risers.

Dry film coatings used for coating roller cylinders, dryers, rollers, conveyors for wear resistance, low friction, anti corrosion and surface release.

The petrochemical process requires coatings that protect against corrosion, wear and friction. Our surface coatings are designed to inhibit corrosion and provide surface release for chemical and petrochemical engineering equipment.

Our coating service for the energy and power generation industries is aimed at meeting the challenge provided by the need for low friction, low wear and electrical insulation.

We apply specialist advanced coatings for use in numerous engineering and industrial applications. For engineered components from pumps, bearings, a set of gears or a hydraulic unit, we provide the right surface coating to improve the lifespan of sliding or rolling surfaces.

Ships operating in the harsh open seas and subject to high levels of salt water, wind and temperatures, dry film coatings can provide another layer of protection on steel components to act as a barrier against corrosion and abrasion.

Our coatings can provide excellent protection against the harsh environments in the water treatment process, with coatings specially formulated for corrosion, abrasion, anti-galling and lubrication, such as pumps, values, pipes, shafts.